The world according to Shephard: Week 47

Sunshine state showcasing the best in simulation and training

16,000 attendees are set to descend on Orlando, Florida from Monday onwards as the curtain is lifted on I/ITSEC 2017. As ever the Shephard team will be in position to report on breaking developments across the week. We wouldn’t dare keep you salivating for stories until then… Pre-event, the big news is that six C-130J weapon system trainer (WST) simulators are set to be delivered to various US air bases throughout 2020 and 2021.

For show coverage, make sure to check out the dedicated Shephard I/ITSEC news site here.

Sikorsky’s South American offshore springboard

Having studied the reform of the Mexican energy market closely, Sikorsky are anticipating that their trusted heavy S-92 type will see increased sales in the country. In their view, oil and gas companies remain prime candidates for developing offshore growth as the industry continue to buy up lease blocs for exploration purposes – further and further from the Mexican coast.

Croatian’s continue to test OH-58D firepower

The 93rd Croatian Air Force and Air Defence has been putting its Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior type through its paces by way of a tactical group live firing and rocket launching exercise. A range of weapons were used during the session as pilots – flying in pairs – used the 12.7mm machine gun, the Hydra 70mm unguided rocket, Hellfire missile, and Heckler-Koch G-36CV gun. Having taken charge of directing the exercise, US instructors will now take their leave of Air Base Zemunik.

Welcome Swedish steer for surface vessels

SAAB is working to create a fleet of new surface vessels for the Royal Swedish Navy and is confident the project will result in new maritime capabilities being delivered. Such confidence is supported by the process receiving the backing of Swedish FOI and FMV military design and procurement agencies. One platform to be publicised by officials at a Saab site, next to the Swedish naval base in Karlskrona, was a 100m stretched Visby-class corvette. Potential capability enhancement across the Visby class include surface, sub-surface and anti-air warfare.

Right move for Curtiss-Wright

US manufacturer Curtiss-Wright is in discussion with a number of customers as it looks to expand its display business in the ground vehicle sector. To such ends the company are now preparing customer demonstrations of its Ground Vehicle Display Unit. Customers can take their pick from a selection of LCD mission displays including a 18cm system, ideal for viewing a reverse camera feed, or invest in a larger screen that provides a complete situational awareness picture based on a variety of different camera feeds.




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