HMMWV, the ultimate driverless car

HMMWV, Humvee or the Hummer, whatever you want to call it most people will recognise the famous four wheel drive vehicle.

First entering service in the mid-1980s there are now at least 230,000 HMMWVs in service both in and around 60 nations. It is not surprising that some users have sought to modify the vehicle which will turn it into an autonomous UGV.

That’s right, an unmanned HMMWV.

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) recently publicised its efforts to develop the unmanned capability, releasing a video of the unmanned HMMWV in July.

The IDF has been working with IAI on the technology and recently I spoke with the company about their roboticist technology which has been incorporated into the vehicle. You can read the full story here. 

But what’s the point?

Well, although it has not been confirmed by either the IDF or IAI, it seems likely that if you kept the remote weapon station on the vehicle with the aid of cameras and sensors the unmanned HMMWV could become the ultimate border patrol vehicle.

The video appears to show the IDF’s unmanned HMMWV with the Rafael Mini Typhoon weapon station.

However, Israel is not the only nation developing this technology. The US military is set to have a live demonstration of such a vehicle later on this month as the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning looks to develop this technology.

Watch this space as there is certainly more developments to come regarding the unmanned HMMWV.

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