Paris Air Show 2017: Ready to fly

It’s that time of year, the air show season has arrived and we will soon all be heading off to Paris for the biennial jaunt to Le Bourget.

While we will be expecting the usual big orders from the commercial sector the Shephard team will be focusing on what is going on across the defence market.

Of course for all the avgeeks out there the F-35 will be making its debut appearance, alongside the AH-64 Apache and CH-47 Chinook.

In 2015 there were 48 countries present with 150 aircraft on display, similar numbers are expected this year.

We are expecting to see more comradery from the European defence sector as the US criticises some NATO members for their lack of spending.

The outlook for defence spending appears to be more promising than that of recent years due to European economies stabilising since the 2008 financial crash and the impact of Russian action both within and outside of Europe adding to a general sense of insecurity in the region.

Alongside this the EU is proposing a new defence fund of around £870 million for new military technologies. This could focus on UAS.

Safran will be showcasing its Patroller which has been selected as the replacement for the Sperwer UAS currently deployed with the French Army’s 61st Artillery Regiment from 2018.

The French army will be showcasing its Tigre, Caracal and NH90 helicopters alongside the notoriously noisy Dassault Rafale Air.

The US DoD will also maintain a large presence with the P-8 Poseidon, V-22 Osprey and C-130H on display.

US company Boeing already highlighted some of its ongoing programmes at the annual Boeing Media Tour, all stories from the event can be read on our dedicated show news site.

With our schedules set and our bags packed we are now heading across the channel for the air show. We look forward to seeing you at Le Bourget!

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