Heli-Expo 2017: The power of X and U

You never forget your first. This was my first Heli-Expo and it had full on X appeal. Firstly, the week started with the great reveal of the FCX-001 by Bell Helicopter.

The concept helicopter was inspired by company CEO Mitch Snyder’s push for innovation since assuming his role 18 months ago.


The medium twin-sized helicopter has a strong emphasis on automated technologies on board to aid the pilot and passengers.

With a strong sci-fi influence on the design and lines of the aircraft, one of the main noticeable features is the anti-torque system embedded in the tail boom. Thus, there is no tail rotor but the capacity to open up the thrust vectoring through the capability.

MD Helicopters launched the next-generation of the MD500, the 6XX at last year’s Heli-Expo. This year was a confirmation that the aircraft was aiming to be ready by 2019 in either civil or military configuration.



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An interesting comparison between the two platforms is the influences from the automotive industry on the design.

Bell’s Scott Drennan, director of engineering innovation, told Shephard how the team behind the FCX-001 was inspired by the capacity for the car industry to experiment with conceptual technologies and vehicles.

Likewise, several features on board the 6XX, including the sliding door capability, were drawn from MD Helicopters CEO Lynn Tilton’s experience at Dura Automotive Systems.

An underlying, and perhaps understated, theme running through the show was unmanned vehicles. President and CEO of Helicopter Association International, Matt Zuccaro described the prominence of UAVs and how they will change how the industry does business – with a particular emphasis on the safety narrative.

Aircraft tracking company Spidertracks hatched upon a popular promotion during the show – giving away a trip to New Zealand to one lucky purchaser of its products.

Furthermore, Shephard witnessed the showcasing of Vertivue’s Skybox stabilised camera system.

The Skybox allows gimballed camera systems developed for small UAVs to be effectively integrated on the nose of a helicopter, at a drastically reduced cost to the installation of a more complex gimballed system developed specifically for larger aircraft.

While the footfall may not have been as impressive as previous years, with over 70 helicopters on display including six civil configured Black Hawks – what can be learnt from the show is there is optimism in whirlybirds after the oil and gas price woes. This year’s focus was about optimism and not orders.


For all the news and videos from the week take a look at our coverage on the Shephard website.

Heli-Expo 2017: Show highlights from Shephard Media on Vimeo.

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