What to expect at IDEX 2017

With full news coverage and analysis of the IDEX 2017 exhibition here you can keep track of all the latestfrigate_al_makkahcropped developments.

The Middle East is in a period of turmoil and there are a lot of security requirements that need to be met. This includes border and internal regime security, upgrading old equipment and introducing new capabilities with the acquisition of new platforms and systems. By doing this, countries with forces engaged in the conflicts from the north to the south can improve their operational effectiveness. The most recent fighting has taken to the sea and now navies are looking to improve maritime security.

The UAE has been taking an ever more central role in the defence sector in the Middle East with the development of its own industrial manufacturing base attracting companies worldwide to invest and by hosting the IDEX exhibition. It is here that companies can find business enigmapartners that can give access to the market, but they will have to search hard to find the quality firms among the dross – those that are actually interested in production.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia remains one of the world’s largest defence spenders and continues to buy the latest and most modern platforms from the West across the land, sea and air domains. It has become a real regional power and is heavily engaged in asserting its position and its religious doctrine in the Middle East and beyond as well as funding the SANG for internal regime security.

Read here for some more details about recent procurement activity:

saudi-land Analysis – Land

RSAF Typhoon Take-Off Analysis – Air

140528-N-XJ695-463 GULF OF ADEN (May 28, 2014) The Saudi Arabian frigate HMS Al-Dammam (816) maneuvers into position, with its embarked helicopter circling overhead, during Exercise Eager Lion 2014. Eager Lion is a recurring, multinational exercise designed to strengthen military-to-military relationships and enhance regional security and stability by responding to modern-day security scenarios. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Jesse A. Hyatt/Released) Analysis – Sea


Some companies are already laying out their bids. Patria is launching another new AMV 8×8 vehicle variant – the AMV28A (because it weighs 28t) – but the interesting feature of this vehicle is the option for the extended hull that would probably stretch the vehicle between the second and third axles making it longer. The company has already sold some Rosomaks (the Polish version of AMV) to the UAE, so why would they do that? Read more about it here.

Then there is AM General, supplier of all those HMMWV vehicles across the region. The company reckons there is still a market and is pushing the new Hawkeye variant that will offer a 105mm hawkeyecroppedartillery capability. But the real area of interest is the launch of a new Modular Protected Truck. This is intended to get around strict export rules and make it easier to sell. The company will launch the MPT at the show so it will be interesting to find out what they are offering.

And lastly a whole bunch of companies are lining up to fight for M60 tank upgrade programmes. Although defence spending is going up, countries in the Middle East still cannot afford to buy all-new equipment, especially main battle tanks. Therefore an effective cost saving measure is to upgrade the old ones to a modern standard with more effective capabilities.

raytheon_m60_slep-jpg-600x0_q85_crop_upscale m60t_-_imi-jpg-600x0_q85_crop_upscale leonardo_slide_-_victor-jpg-600x0_q85_crop_upscale

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