Practice makes perfect at I/ITSEC

You know Christmas is around the corner when you are jetting off to Orlando, Florida, for the annual military training and simulation conference – I/ITSEC.

This year was a great one for the Shephard Media team as we celebrated 12 months since we acquired Military Training and Simulation News. This meant for the first time the magazine’s editor, Trevor Nash, was a full member of the Shephard I/ITSEC crew.

Having gone to his first I/ITSEC in 1988 (before I was born!!) Trevor is the guru of all things sim and training and a great addition to the team.

But enough about him. Here’s some of the latest developments we witnessed at the show and some things we just thought were pretty cool.

First of all, we tried most of the simulators. With varying levels of success.

Some of the new kit that is noteworthy is the Boeing CRVS image generator which allows for 20/20 resolution for flight simulators and Presagis which unveiled its Heli Craft simulator.

On the military side the focus was on open architecture and, yet again, live, virtual and constructive training.

Personnel from the US military spoke of both the need for common software across training systems and support for blended, networked training that incorporates both live and virtual capabilities.

There were also some interesting developments from outside the US. NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (NATO-ACT) demonstrated its virtual operational headquarters (VOHQ) concept for the first time at the show.

One final titbit that we all found interesting was how the F-35 may play a fundamental role in reshaping training, and we spoke with Lockheed Martin about how this might happen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s us for another year, we went to all the usual watering holes and stuffed our faces with the All-American Slam at Denny’s. And rounding off the week with a beer and burger at the Outback Steakhouse in Orlando Airport, as has become tradition.

Hopefully we will see everyone again in 2017 for the next I/ITSEC.

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