Dear Poland – you’ve changed

Okay Poland, now you’re just being silly. I understand you’ve fallen out with Airbus Helicopters, I really do – but your actions since reneging on your deal to purchase those brand-new Caracals are starting to look a little erratic.

I know things got a little heated when you cancelled the $3.5 billion deal to buy 50 H225Ms after a year of complex negotiations, an agreement which would have given Poland the capacity to produce aircraft of its own for the export market.

But that’s no reason to post mean comments online about why the break-up was not your fault and was completely down to the action of your former partner. Telling the world that “they did not meet the criteria of economic interest” was not very classy and should have been left as a private matter.

As for your deputy defence minister’s claim that Paris’ reaction to the slight could be explained by the fact that Poland taught the French how to use forks ‘a couple of centuries ago’, that’s really raking through old coals.

In fact, we had to turn to the AFP to learn that this may have been a reference to France’s King Henry III, who had previously been elected king of Poland and introduced the fork to France in the 16th Century.

This was also picked up by social media, so you should reflect on that fact that when you’ve become a meme, you’ve definitely lost the moral high ground.

And any break-up is hard but did you have to rush so quickly into the arms of another?

What you loved about the Caracal was its ability to cover a range of missions, with all the benefits of commonality that brings.

But according to your recent public statements, you now plan to not only reopen the competition but also buy Black Hawks for your special forces, purchase additional helicopters from PZL Świdnik, and in the middle of all this develop your own indigenous helicopter design.

What next – the creation of Poland’s first Death Star? Oh wait, someone has already beaten me to it…


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