All the hits from AUSA 2016

Against a political backdrop that few could have foreseen the Shephard News team embarked on their transatlantic flights and headed across the pond to the capitol of the greatest democracy on earth.

The annual event that is AUSA, held in Washington DC, brought together US Army top-dogs as well as the usual flock of defence journalists all hunting down the juiciest news.

Let us begin with some of what Shephard unearthed at the event.

No one could miss the General Dynamics Land Systems new tank technology demonstrator, a mash-up between the Abrams tank and Ajax armoured reconnaissance vehicles, was set to show the US Army what could be achieved in a light tank. At just 27t the new Griffin is a baby compared to a 70t+ MBT.


Considering its a light tank it is still quite a beast.

On the gun side Orbital ATK had a model of its XM813 30mm gun which is going to be added to the Stryker vehicle as part of the US Army’s lethality programme.

The XM813 with a cameo appearance from one of our favourite PR people

The XM813 with a cameo appearance from one of our favourite PR people

And we could not miss out the fact we spoke the US Army programme managers for unmanned vehicles and future vertical lift. To say our rotary editor was pleased with the interview would be an understatement.

To see what we chatted about you’ll have to check out the videos.

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Outside of the big showstoppers AUSA also supplied us with the usual night vision goggles and black boxes to satisfy our inner nerd.


PacStar was selected to provide ruggedised routers to the US Army.


Harris launched new lightweight night vision binoculars.

Whoever ends up in the White house this time next year we will be making the annual pilgrimage over to Washington for AUSA so if we didn’t see you this time we will see you in 2017.

(Images courtesy of Land Warfare Editor extraordinaire Mr Tim Fish.)

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