Drone squabbles in EU parliament



An interesting bit of gossip came the way of Quill or Capture recently which indicates how difficult it may be for drone legislation in the EU to move forward, compared to the increasingly decisive (one way or the other) moves in the US and UAE for example.

It seems that power politics is playing a part in holding up the various classifications and legislative efforts being made to put some sort of order to the use of small UAS for private and commercial purposes in the Union.

One European parliamentarian is at loggerheads with another newly appointed counterpart at the number of amendments requested to the EASA rules on drone use.

Dozens of suggested alterations have been highlighted and taken to the very seat of European legislative power. Despite concerted efforts to move such micro-management into European Parliament focus groups, only 20 or so have been agreed upon.

The fear it seems is that the large and obviously very busy parliament might find other things of more pressing importance to divert its attention to, leaving the drone legislation unmanned and sitting at the bottom of a growing pile.

The angry official said that if this process is not sorted out ‘we are going to be the losers’, given that ‘the rest of the world’ is looking at UAS and its countless applications in future everyday life.

Such as pizza delivery.

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