Good from far, far from good

Here at Quill, we write about the latest in technology development, including some of the most advanced aircraft and defence equipment in the world, but every now and then we are faced with the weird and wonderful.

This got us thinking – there’s some pretty ugly stuff out there. Now maybe ugly is a bit strong but some of this equipment is certainly ‘visually interesting’. So here’s a few of the worse offenders.

Let’s start off with the Boeing X-32 Joint Strike Fighter. Now this was only a demonstrator – but it still exists so it counts.

DAYTON, Ohio (02/2007) - The X-32A in the restoration hangar at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo by Ben Strasser)

Boeing X-32 Joint Strike Fighter.

As Boeing chased the Joint Strike Fighter programme, two variants were built and many test flights conducted. But who would have guessed it was not selected for full scale development? But well done Boeing for making something that hurts our avgeek eyes a little and was never going to be selected by the fighter jocks overseeing the programme.

Next up some helicopter monstrosities. There were a few that we thought belonged here, the Sikorsky H-34 or maybe the Kamov Ka-25. But we went with the Piasecki HUP Retriever (aka H-25 Army Mule), developed in the late 1940s and used during the Vietnam War. It was essentially an early Chinook, which we can all agree is an amazing beast of an aircraft.


H-25 Army Mule

To be fair, a lot of these questionable designs came from experimental concepts. And straight from Frankenstein’s lab is out next contender – the Chrysler TV-8.

The tank was designed by Chrysler in the 1950s with the intention that it would be nuclear-powered. Not sure how frightened an enemy would be upon seeing this bubble-tank approaching. Alas it was never mass produced.


For more facts and pics visit Tech Blog.

Now for something that is currently being used, by the New Zealand armed forces no less. Now we know how important it is for soldiers to look cool and unfortunately this Steyr AUG A1 doesn’t help with anyone’s street cred. Luckily New Zealand is looking to replace it in an attempt to regains some of their cool-factor. Which is good for them as this does look a bit like a Supersoaker 500 or a paint gun.

Vice Chief of Defence, Air Vice-Marshal Kevin Short is the Reviewing officer for the All Arms Recruit Course 374 "South Africa Company" March out Parade that was held at Waiouru on the 30 July 2014.

This guy has the cool-factor with his Steyr AUG A1

Finally, and this is a direct quote from one of the Quill team, ‘the USS Zumwalt has a face only a mother could love’.


USS Zumwalt

Let us know your thoughts and as always if you have any other suggestions let us know in the comments below.

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