Suits and boots at DVD 2016

This week I visited Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2016 at Millbrook Proving Ground in the delights of the English countryside.

Running since 2003 and sponsored by the British Army’s HQ and the MoD’s Defence Equipment & Support (Land Equipment) organisation, the two day event brings together manufacturers of armour, artillery, technology and infantry equipment to display their goodies that can support the British Army.

Driving through the chicanes at Millbrook was a lot of fun, even if it was just in a car – no wonder it is a test facility.

There was well over 200 exhibitors at the show, from the producers of kit bags for the soldier to the manufacturers of infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.

The event was busy with army boots and personnel but there was also a lot of suits and ties taking in the displays and attending presentations such as the Dismounted Close Combat Programme. The discussion on that programme looked at the innovations required to support the next generation of soldier and how ‘the one size fits all’ approach does not always work.

Not surprisingly a common theme was budgets, emphasised by the British Army that there was ‘no blank check’ when procuring equipment.

There was the first time displays at the show:

Terrex 3

Oshkosh Defense demonstrated its L-ATV light tactical vehicle

BAE Systems displayed their robust vehicle concept

See Shephard Media for more news from the show

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