One service to rule them all



Middle Earth is set to become the site of the first pizza drone delivery service, in a move widely expected to be welcomed in towns from Hamilton to Hobbiton, Auckland to Andúnië.

Announced on 25 August the disappointingly normal-sounding Simon Bridges, transport minister across the seven kingdoms, said that the area known as New Zealand will host the world-first trial of the new service.

Subject to obtaining the appropriate approvals, the trial is expected to get underway later this year.

The prospect of stone baked, oven fresh pizza being delivered from the skies follows the joining of forces of Domino’s and UAS provider Flirtey.

Indeed, given that Quill likes to talk about UAV legislation (almost as you like reading about it) it’s worth mentioning that the announcement of pizza delivery comes a few weeks after new aviation rules came into force to regulate and enable a greater use of UAS for ‘recreational and commercial purposes in New Zealand’.

drone del 1.jpg

‘The trial is also a valuable opportunity for the Civil Aviation Authority, who are making sure that appropriate safety precautions are taken,’ Bridges says.

Quill can well imagine.

One wonders how far this trial will be extended, how many systems used in unison and the amount of orders placed at any one time? How will the pizza look after the drone swerves to avoid a flock of giant eagles, cheese and tomato smeared into one slowly cooling nightmarish mass?

The prospect of a swarm of drones taking to the skies with hundreds of Napolitanos, Hawaiians and Veggie Delights in some bizarre 21st century re-enactment of the Berlin air lift by hungry college kids is clearly one we have to Riverndwell on.

Not satisfied with that, the New Zealand Government also stated that they had reviewed laws for driverless vehicles that could also present the possibility of Domino’s land delivery going unmanned as well.

But then, how will the pizza get to the front door? UGV? Technology knows no bounds.

Strong is the force in unmanned pizza delivery.

What’s what? Wrong analogy?



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