An exclusive look at Terrex in Singapore

This week our intrepid reporter, Tim Fish, jetted off to Singapore to check out the vehicles Singapore Technologies Kinetics has offered up to various ongoing global programmes.

The most recent vehicle unveiling was of the Terrex 3 during Eurosatory 2016. As the vehicle was not at the show, we sent Mr Fish to the vehicle. For the exclusive story click here. 

Alongside some earlier rants about British transport, Tim gave us a glimpse of what he has seen via his twitter: @sweeneygov  

He even got a ride in the Terrex 1!

And of course the star of the show was the Terrex 3 which is being put forward for the Australian Land 400 programme.

But what’s with that extra wheel?

Terrex 2 has propellers on the back to make a more amphibious vehicle.

For more on all things Terrex check out the Shephard Media website and search ‘Terrex’.

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