Eurosatory caught on film

If a picture paints a thousand words then a video captures a hell of a lot more. This year’s video coverage of Eurosatory was no exception and if you missed any of the filmography from the Shephard News team here is a selection from the five day onslaught.

Its not very often that a new family of vehicles is unveiled and the Shephard camera crew (aka staff reporter Beth Maundrill) was there to capture the moment.

Rheinemtall Lynx


It is also not very often that a company reveals a seven tonne UGV to the defence industry. IAI presents the RoBattle…



If analysis is what you are after, we have got you covered. Our friend and colleague, Mathieu Grospeaud, from ADIT spoke to us about the land armaments industry and how it is moving forward in leaps and bounds compared with four years ago.

collaboration key


Eurosatory wouldn’t be complete without an overview of what the French Land Army is up to and the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) outlined its current priorities.



Finally, this wouldn’t have been a land show if we didn’t have a word from our Land Warfare International editor, the infamous Tim Fish.

Tim fish


For all of the video coverage of Eurosatory 2016 visit the Shephard website. 

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