The Eurosatory 2016 Top Five

While the Quill team powered through the five days of Eurosatory providing coverage of the vast show, there were a few moments that made us chuckle and/or stood out. We thought we would share via the medium of a ‘top five’.

The protest

Eurosatory would not be the show it is without the threat of a peaceful protest and this year did not disappoint. A group made their way into the show and headed straight for the French Ministry of Defence exhibit and proceeded to cover the mighty Leclerc tank in pink paint. Here’s the video evidence.

The have-a-go hero

The gossip of the show then turned to a demonstration that went wrong. As part of the daily demo, actors were placed in the crowd to simulate an attack. Possibly not the best idea in the current climate and among a crowd of mainly military and ex-military personnel. The result was the simulated attack being interrupted by an unassuming hero whose military training kicked in and headlocks ensued.

The other event of the week

This year’s Eurosatory fell during the first week of the UEFA Euro 2016. Knowing that football is a passion for the English, some kind exhibitors streamed the game on Thursday afternoon. England 2 – Wales 1.
IMG_0189IMG_0188The hunt for freebies

The power of Twitter cannot be denied and when staff reporter Beth Maundrill tweeted this at the beginning of the day…

…she didn’t quite expect this by the end…

The confused journalist

Finally, the Parisian building entrance system baffled one of our colleagues who found himself trapped between the front door and the lobby door with no way out. The paniced online messaging went a little like this:

  • Confused Journalist: [5:13 PM]

Can you come let me out?

Stuck in the inner door

  • Editor [5:14 PM]

Push the big white button

  • Confused Journalist [5:14 PM]

Need wee. Please hurry!

  • Editor [5:14 PM]

Push the white button and push the door

It works the same as your apartment. Push button to exit kind of deal

  • Confused Journalist: [5:14 PM]

White button? Ah thanks! Phew!

  • Onlooker back in the UK [5:17 PM]

That was tense.

This was not the first time that the apartment baffled. Another journalist was struggling to get into the building. Frantically typing in the entry code she wondered what was going wrong. Turns out she was at the wrong door.

For your viewing pleasure here are a few snaps of the team hanging out in Paris.

editorial team cropped

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