Paint protest at Eurosatory

The truism runs that even the best laid plans don’t survive first contact with the enemy – despite immense security at day one of Eurosatory, protestors managed to spray and daub a mighty Leclerc main battle tank something other than military green.

As the smell of wet paints and aerosols hung heavy in the air it appeared that the tank, as well as another armoured vehicle on the French Ministry of Defence stand, was picked out for some special attention from the unknown assailants.

Camouflage netting was used as an initial way to cover up the smears of red and yellow emulsion and one supposes that a few unlucky people will have to work long into the night getting everything ship-shape for the morning and day two of what is promising to be a busy show.

The once pristine carpet is a write-off I might add, no amount of scrubbing is going to clear that out.

One can only hope then there are not further caches hidden elsewhere in the Parc de Expositions Villepinte, which actually feels so far away from the centre of Paris to be near the Belgian border.

Rest assured should another grown up Tonka toy fall victim to similar tactics, we’ll be all over it like hand prints on wet paint.

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