Who has the best armoured fighting vehicle?

European armoured vehicles

One of the best features in the latest issue of Land Warfare International looks at the new generation of armoured fighting vehicles that are entering the inventories of Europe’s armies.

With a raft of new types and models entering service or under construction, we thought it would be interesting to put up a comparison the base models.

Although a vehicle’s capability will be defined by the types of systems that are fitted, it is still interesting to view the main hull and machinery characteristics of these new products.

So to help with this, we got our design team to throw together this handy reference chart (click to enlarge), outlining the basic statistics for each of the latest tracked and wheeled designs that are available.

The German Army is currently converting from the 45-year old Marder IFV to the new Puma IFV, which the manufacturer describes as the ‘most powerful IFV worldwide’.

In German service, the Puma will work alongside the 8×8 Boxer multi-role armoured vehicle, which is claimed to have the highest protection level of any vehicle in its class.

The company-funded VBCI-2 was only just unveiled by Nexter in September 2015 and that vehicle features a new all-welded aluminium hull design with a higher roof line to provide greater internal volume.

The UK’s renewal of its armoured vehicle fleet centres on the GDLS-UK Ajax tracked reconnaissance vehicle, the only new armoured vehicle in development or production for the British Army.

France, meanwhile, is developing the 6×6 Griffon Véhicule Blindé Multi-Rôles (VBMR) multirole armoured vehicle and the 6×6 Jaguar EBRC armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle.

The General Dynamics LAV design also continues to prove popular and the latest iteration, the Piranha 5, has been chosen to replace the Danish Army’s tracked M113.

What do you think of the latest industrial offerings from Europe? Have European armies made the right choices for armour? Are there any others that should be included here? Be sure to leave your comments below.

Meanwhile, all the latest news about these vehicles and their subsystems will emerge next week at Eurosatory in Paris so be sure to keep tabs on our show news.

And to view the complete entries, as well as all other AFVs currently in service, sign up to a free trial of Shephard Plus at www.shephardplus.com


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