EBACE the place for VIP

At EBACE in Geneva this week, Airbus Helicopters have showcased their H160 VIP model. The first deliveries of the H160 VIP are expected in 2019.

Today, the company announced that a letter of intent has been signed by Falcon Aviation at EBACE for a H160 VIP.

Through a virtual reality immersion tool attendees are able to visualise the interior of the H160’s cabin. With a 12 passenger configuration, the user of the virtual reality tool will be able to see an electrical footstep and the hinged doors on the aircraft.

It was also announced at EBACE that Pegasus Design has been selected as the ‘style intention’ for the VIP version of the H160 rotorcraft. The clinical-looking interior with its slick white leather seats and grey edges, panoramic windows, and wooden-panel table, was contested for by five design teams.

H160 VIP interior_©_Light&Shadows_cropped

The contenders consisted of designers who specialised in luxury goods.

Frederic Lemos, head of Private and Business Aviation at Airbus Helicopters, commented, with an interesting final description on the aesthetics:

‘Our in-house design team will now work closely with Pegasus Design to establish a new standard of VIP cabin interiors on the private and business aviation market, ensuring that the H160 will propose the same level of excellence, innovation, and emotion inside and out.’

Only a couple of weeks ago, the second prototype of the 5.5-6t aircraft achieved its 100th flight in testing. Around 140 hours of flight testing between the two prototypes has been reached.

Imminently, the first prototype of the H160 will be joining the second prototype with Turbomeca’s Arrano engines.

Bernard Fujarski, senior VP and head of the H160 program at Airbus Helicopters commented on the H160’s progress: ‘Since the recent launch of the commercialisation at Heli-Expo this year, we have already signed some letters of intent for the H160.’

Expectations on further Letters of Intent (LOI) are now anticipated assisted by the showcasing of the H160 in Geneva.

Fujarski added: ‘With EBACE marking the unveiling of the H160 in its VIP version, we expect to sign additional LOI with private and corporate customers.’

Images Light&Shadows company via Airbus Helicopters

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