Blasts and detonations at the Firing Range

There’s no job quite like that of a defence reporter, that’s a fact. This week was no exception with a visit to the Rheinmetall proving ground in Unterlüß in Germany.

Following a day of briefings in which the company outlined the future of its technology, from new tank calibres to Puma upgrades, visitors were treated to night and day live firings.

With 32 countries represented at the 2016 Rheinmetall Land Forces Symposium this was a great chance for the company and its partners to showcase the latest tech. As well as provide quite the spectacle for onlookers.

Now I wanted to keep this one short and sweet so I could show you some of the stuff I experienced at the live firing event. Enjoy.

(Warning if you have your earphones in – you might want to check your volume level).

Once darkness fell we experienced some tracer rounds with a firing range of 1000m.

Day two involved plenty of small rounds firing, onto bigger mortars and the presence of the PZH 2000 and the Puma. Lots of loud bangs!


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