S-92 helps with goodbyes

After 38 years, the last crew waved goodbye to the now decommissioned Murchison platform.

First discovered in 1975, the oil platform three years later was marked for development approval which meant single drilling, production and an accommodation facility was approved in 1978. It wasn’t until 1980 that the platform was installed and production began.

Murchison stands in the North Sea off the Shetland Isles like a steel spider within the ocean.

The eight-legged steel jacket weighs 24,640t and supports the topside which weighs itself a mighty 24,584te.

2016-03-31 Last Flight Murchison-20

Bristow Helicopters Ltd with their Sikorsky S-92 were the party who assisted the last scheduled flight to and from the platform.

The company has been operating within the offshore oil transport industry across the UK for well over 50 years. Recently, Bristow announced they would be providing flights for Petrofac for three years (with two additional one-year options) in the Central North Sea.

To mark the end of an era, the S-92 flew past the platform providing the oil workers with an aerial view of Murchison as they said farewell.

All 19 seats within the twin-engine helicopter were full, as she flew the crew away from the mighty platform.

Scatsta Airport’s operations supervisor Lesley Leslie commented: ‘We were mindful that this was a landmark day for the oil workers departing the platform for the final time.’

2016-03-31 Last Flight Murchison-19

It has been reported that over 9,300 flights took place to the platform with a grand sum of 350,000 passengers making their journey to Murchison for over nearly four decades.

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