Eagles and infographs

Ever thought how handy it would be if someone could create nice infographic detailing how one should (and shouldn’t) operate a small UAS?

Same here. Well UK-based DroneBuilders have done just that with this helpful document that tells a good tale in what an operator can do with their technological familiar. Keep it in line of site for example, unless you have CAA approval, and drones weighing more than 20kg are banned from civilian airspace (except over Boscombe Down military base, but suspect that doesn’t apply to the likes of you or I).

And other things. Take for example the number of drones licensed for commercial use in January 2013 was 30, while in 2016 this has risen to at least 1,036.

Most interesting are the details in how police might attempt to make an arrest in a case of drone misuse. Peruse below at your leisure.


The eagle has landed

Better a chat with a copper however than getting a visit from the latest wheeze in combating the drone menace, as the Dutch national police look at training birds of prey to swoop in and bring those unmanned monsters down. I’m not kidding.

These poor consumer/hobbyist platforms can be seen below being ripped from the air, dragged beeping and wailing to a dark corner to be pecked to pieces.

Puts a whole new perspective on drone avianics.

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