Lights, camera, action at DSEI

This year, for the first time at DSEI, the Shephard team got its video camera out and produced no less than 16 videos for your enjoyment over the four day event.

In case you missed any I have compiled my top five below. If you fancy browsing all of the DSEI videos then click here.

First up the team spoke to Lieutenant Rob Gleave of 825 Naval Air Squadron in the Royal Navy about the AW159 Wildcat Mk2 helicopter and the transition the squadron is making from the legacy Lynx helicopter.

The aircraft has been deployed on HMS Duncan, a Type 45 destroyer, in the Gulf for hot weather trials, although it was HMS Iron Duke that berthed alongside during the show.

Wildcat screen grab

Sticking with the helicopter theme Shephard spoke to Rear Admiral Tony Dalton, head of helicopters at the Australian DoD, about his experience during the renewal of the nation’s helicopter fleet in recent years.

While the foreign military sale purchase of the MH-60R and CH-47F have been trouble free, the same cannot be said for the introduction of the MRH-90 and Tiger fleets, and the video uncovers more detail.

Australia helis screen grab

But it’s not all about the big platforms and there were plenty of companies offering up camera, sensor and radar equipment at DSEI.

Mohoc displayed its military optimised helmet camera, which our hands-on editor-in-chief took for a spin around the halls at DSEI.

Mohoc screen grab

There is always something that catches people’s eyes at any defence show and this year’s DSEI was no exception with White Glacier showcasing its Arctic 25 hypothermia protective immersion suit at the show.

CEO Diego Jacobson spoke to Shephard about the features of the suit and its sales success to date.

Glacier screen grab

Finally the wrap up video which is becoming somewhat of a tradition at all of the shows that Shephard takes the video camera to.

This time it was the Maritime Security and UV editor’s turn to discuss the highlights of the show including the new name for the Scout SV, the Ajax, the multitude of companies proposing solutions for a potential UK MPA requirement and the three services take one what the upcoming SDSR could bring.

Wrap up screen grab

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