Welcome to the jungle

IMG_3737croppedBrazil’s Army is expanding its jungle training course for officers and NCOs to allow for more units to be deployed in the Amazon region. During a press trip to Manaus in Brazil, Shephard was briefed on the army’s plans.

The huge size of the rainforest in Brazil means that in the farther reaches of the territory the army is the only government organisation with any presence.

Part of the reforms will provide additional resources to the Centro de Instrucao de Guerra na Selva (CIGS), or Jungle Warfare Training Centre, in Manaus and it will be re-named the Army Warfare Integration Centre.

The army is set to more than double the number of platoons its sends to the jungle outposts on the borders with the Guianas and Venezuela in the north, Colombia in the north west, Peru in the west and Bolivia and Paraguay in the south west. For details click here.


So how important is jungle training? It seems obvious for a country such as Brazil which has a large part of its land mass covered by the stuff.

But what about China? The commander of CIGS told Shephard that the PLA is negotiating with them for places on their training courses and to get their instructors to come to China to teach their officers and NCO about jungle operations. What is the reasoning behind that?

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