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Destination unknown

Caught up in the mysterious tides of social media as most journalists are now these days, leaving a few (dis)honourable elder statesmen, it is easy to forget that these new ways of communicating are as much unchartered territory for companies as they are for you.

For the larger aerospace and defence companies, able to throw resources at the conundrum – at least as soon as the boss says ‘we should be using that twitter thingy’ – the undiscovered country can be mapped and explored. But for other players in the market, the legend ‘there be monsters’ often puts them off from even dipping their toes in the water.

That can turn out to be a huge loss for them as social media can be an excellent message multiplier. That’s been the experience for Terma, at least since Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen (yes, we think it’s a cool name too) set out on a company journey with every intention of mapping the social media continent for the company.

Even without dedicated resources Rasmussen says that a proper social media strategy should be integral to any business’ communications. Terma formalised its social media strategy several years ago and its now beginning to pay dividends as it connects the company to its customer base.

Rasmussen acknowledges that social media should be handled differently than it would be for a commercial business but that it does help Terma get its message across globally. He also points out that in some regions, such as Asia and Latin America, even air marshals and generals are on twitter – but we wouldn’t count on the UK MoD endorsing that any time soon.

Rasmussen says that focusing on three main channels, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, has also helped. So far the company has eschewed Facebook, but only because without a dedicated team he doesn’t think that the company can be responsive enough.

Without dedicated social media goblins Rasmussen says that it has been up to everybody in the company to do a little bit. That probably also means giving everyone a little more freedom than some US companies I could name are comfortable with.

But for the intrepid Danes it is a formula that is working. There may still be monsters to slay and certainly the company has yet to encounter too many Trolls, but in mapping this new world Terma is finding that there are riches and wonders to be seized for the intrepid.