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Who will win Aussie combat recce vehicle programme?

Australia’s ASLAV replacement programme – otherwise known as LAND 400 Phase 2 – will provide the ADF new combat reconnaissance vehicles (CRVs), but it has not been plain sailing for industry.

International contenders have to partner with a local firm to get in and the Nexter-Raytheon partnership offering VBCI has withdrawn. VBCI

A new variant of VBCI seen here at Eurosatory 2014

Boeing Defence Australia also withdrew in March, which was offering the Italian Freccia from CIO.


Freccia at IDEX 2015

The Request for Tender was due to close on 25 June but this has been extended to 6 August to give industry more time to prepare.


So who is left?

• BAE Systems with Patria are offering the AMV.

An amphibious turreted variant of AMV at IDEX 2015

• GDLS/Thales are offering a LAV or Piranha-based solution.

Piranha 5

Piranha 5 has been selected by Denmark, seen here at Eurosatory 2014

 • Rheinmetall Defence Australia is offering the Boxer.

The Boxer at IDEX 2015

• CIO could still enter the fray with Freccia if they can find a new partner.

• ST Kinetics is an outside choice with a modified Terrex, but they also need a local partner.NDP2010_CR3_Terrex_ICV_1

At first glance, the GDLS partnership with Thales seems the strongest. Australia already has the ASLAV 8×8 and Thales Australia has built the Bushmaster.

However the AMV has been successful internationally and will be a strong competitor. Boxer is expensive but capable.

What do you think?

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