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The trade and its secrets

The wider public has all sorts of perceptions of those who choose to work in the media industry.

It was still a surprise though when attending a conference earlier this month one speaker, who I’ll not name here, listed ‘investigative journalist’ as among several ‘non-traditional threats to information security’.

In the same bracket we had terrorism, hackers, organised crime, and others from the lexicon of criminality.  For those of us in our industry who want to do our jobs properly, it is heartening to know we are thought of as no better than some of the worst among us.

Perhaps most telling from the presentation concerned the ‘sharing of information’, has not been made available to the attendees post event. Perhaps the speaker was trying to tell us something.

In any event, I digress.

Far more important are the daily, indeed, hourly updates concerning the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, with some 100,000 travelling to Europe this year.

DSC_0095.prop_1200x720.c99afedf8dMuch was made by the UK MoD recently (and rightly so) as HMS Bulwark plucked 1000 migrants from the rolling summer swells in a single day.

This approach to saving lives first and dealing with ‘who should do what’ later can be seen in other countries, both southern and northern European, who have sent their navies to do what they can, however they can do it.

That said, not everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet.

‘Ships masters have starting calling and asking (us) about the migrant situation in the East Med but it has to be dealt with by search and rescue organisations,’ said an official from a multinational organisation.

Aside from the humanitarian mess, there is the underlying possibility that such an influx of people could pose a threat to coastal security. At this same conference, another speaker said that ‘there was proof’ that ‘some people’ were using the opportunity to smuggle themselves into the continent, without elaborating any further.

This highlights the mixed messages that people all apparently working towards the same goal have, as information on information sharing is not shared, as proof of terrorists using the refugee and migrant crisis as a covert entry method is kept tightly under wraps, as multinational organisations call for a solution to the crisis but state they cannot actively assist.

I could say more, but I don’t feel like sharing.