Try harder…

Singapore_Merlion_BCT smallPeople here at Shephard Towers know how I feel about Singapore. I’ll usually find any old excuse to head to the Lion City, particularly as it helps me keep my Star Alliance gold card.

However, tomorrow Coges, the organisers of ‘the largest defence show in the world’ – Eurostory, are set to announce the launch of a new show APHS. Come on I know you can guess what that stands for…

No? OK then. In their wisdom they have decided to launch a show called Asia-Pacific Homeland Security and yep it’s going to be in Singapore next November.

Like I said I’ll usually use any old excuse to visit the city state, but another security show in Singapore? Come on, there are already half a dozen exhibitions and a clutch of conferences that encompass that area.

But unlike some of the wilder edges of the region I guess Singpore is seen as being relatively safe.
Also, who outside the US uses the term homeland security anyway?

The new show which is set to be at the Marina Bay Sands in November 2015 will be bookended by IMDEX in May 2015 and the Singapore Air show in February 2016. Not to forget Global Security Asia next March, which has been strengthened by the purchase of a stake in the business by Comexposium Security- the organisers of the pretty successful Milipol exhibition also held in here in Paris.

I’m sure Coges will come up with a logical argument for holding the exhibition in Singapore in November next year. But exhibition fatigue is already a daily part of the discussion with the communications director of and of the large defence and security companies.

Could it work? Should it work? Watch this space.

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